Director: Bill Tanaka
Production: Ambar Surastri
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Music & Sound Design: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

Clear graphic ideas set up an almost architectural quality to this superb edit for Zoku’s opening in Amsterdam. Michael worked closely with the creative team at WE ARE Pi on crafting an equally clear sound palate and distinct approach to the music and sound design.


The Gift

Direction: Mark Denton & Sean de Sperango
Production: Coy!
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Music: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

Perhaps the most epic sports ad ever imagined, let alone made, the adrenalin rush of watching sports fans trembling with victory never seems to wear off. May the Gift be with you.


Born Ready

Director: Rogier Schalken
Production: Karen Whitehouse / Media Monks
Agency Producer: Kimia Farshizad / WE ARE Pi
Music: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

Get away with a smile, beyond the reach of the city. An ode to the simple life, soul loving work from WE ARE Pi in a great collaboration with one of our favourite creative agencies.


Great is in the Detail

Director: Ellen Kuras
Production: Outsider
Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Music: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

After working closely with the creatives to find the right musical flavour we brought sound design and live performance together for this lovingly crafted film with an uncanny eye for detail.

Under Armour


Director: MiniVegas
Production Co: Making Pictures
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Music and Sound Design: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

Exploring the place where music and sound design crossover, this dramatic online work dives into the fabric of football and stitches itself into a suit of club armour.

TEDx global summit


Director: Koerner Union
Production: Big Productions Paris
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Music: Yasmine Hamdan
Music Production: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

This extraordinary film won Best Music D&AD and retains all the magic of the recording sessions, written and produced by Yasmine and Michael working together in Amsterdam, writing, recording and mixing the final music to picture in time for the opening ceremony in Qatar.


Bring it to Life

Director: Johnny Green
Production: Knucklehead
Agency: AMV BBDO
Music: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

We simply can’t take this off our showreel unless somebody makes us. The film is the breathtaking work of Johnny Green and it’s a project we musically had to take somewhere monumental. Perhaps leaning toward the mental, for this demo we made a choir of submariner types and deployed a voice that can flatten a forest.


Write the future

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Production: Independant Film
Main Track: Hocus Focus by Focus / Massive Music
Sound Design: Raja Sehgal at Grand Central
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Artist: Bobby Solo
C’é Cannavaro: Michael Kneebone / Rick Chant / Toolbox

The absolute monster that shook the world, with an astounding final mix by Raja Sehgal. Although our contribution was dwarfed by the immense challenges the Nike team took on to make this blockbuster, it’s at that sweet spot in the film where everything changes. After writing the music Michael flew to Madrid to meet Bobby Solo where they recorded the vocal, arriving on set the next morning with the track complete and cameras ready to roll.


Verboden boeken

Direction: Mandy Smith
Production: Pieter Leenderste / KK
Agency: Kessels Kramer
Sound Design: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

The cleverness of Mandy Smith knows very few bounds – and none at all when it comes to paper. This wonderfully creepy film features nothing more than paper and ink to conjure the mystery of books that have, at one time or another, been forbidden.

Lavish Alice


Director: Chris Gaffey
Production: MobFilm
Music: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

Even if you don’t like wearing clothes, fashion can be fun. We wanted high energy and a sense of motion to carry you through this cunning interpretation of Autumn. Or the Fall, as Lucifer and our American friends might call it.


Optimel Puur

Music & Sound Design: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

For these ethereal and beautiful images we wrote and produced music and sound design for N=5 which calmed us all down wonderfully. It’s a soothing journey and makes us want to do good things.

TEDx Amsterdam

United in Time

Director: Mees Peijnenburg
Production: Halal
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Sound Design: Michael Kneebone / Toolbox

Powerful portraiture, a clear message, great ideas — the opportunity to work together with Halal and WE ARE Pi on this fresh film gave us the chance to get into some beautiful, simple sound design.